Riddell's Goldenrod

Riddell's Goldenrod

Latin Name: Solidago (Oligoneuron) riddellii

Type: Forb/Flower

Light: Sun

Moisture: Wet-Mesic / Wet

Soil: Sand / Loam / Clay

Size: 4-6 feet

Color: Yellow

Bloom Time: August / September / October

Description: Riddell's goldenrod is another beautiful goldenrod for the wetter areas of the landscape. Similar to Ohio goldenrod, it has a flat topped flower cluster, making it a desireable perch for late season pollinators/nectarers. The leaves also hug the stem like Ohio goldenrod. To tell the difference, examine the leaf veining. Riddell's goldenrod will has 3 main veins with minimal webbing while Ohio has one.