Cup Plant

Cup Plant

Latin Name: Silphium perfoliatum

Type: Forb/Flower

Light: Sun / Part Sun

Moisture: Mesic / Wet-Mesic / Wet

Soil: Sand / Loam / Clay

Size: 3-10 feet

Color: Yellow

Bloom Time: July / August / September

Description: Excellent plant to attract wildlife. It provides food, water, and cover. The leaves clasp the stem to form cups that collect water and even dew. Watch the songbirds, hummingbirds, butterflies and even cats and other wildlife come in for a drink. In fall, the songbirds devour the seeds. The plant occurs naturally in moist environments but does will in medium garden soil. It self-sows easily so deadhead if you don't want the plant to wander. It does have a tap root so keep it away from septic fields.