We at Oakland Wildflower Farm are dedicated to teaching young and old alike about the benefits of being outside in nature. That is why you will find not only Richard and myself, but our kids volunteering in our local county parks, speaking at various events, tending community gardens, and much much more.

One of our teaching tools is the Wildflower coloring books seen here. We have a very talented family member who created the artwork for us. Please download them-they are FREE. Take them and share them with your schools, scout troops, day care, earth day event, whatever. We have found that not only do kids love to color, but adults do too. If you like, copy it and send it to us, we will attach to our bulletin board for all to see and enjoy.

Michigan Native Plant Coloring Books

School Yard Habitats

We are also dedicated to school yard habitats. If you are a teacher, parent organization or administrator and are interested in creating a school yard habitat please contact us. Our consultation and design services are free to schools.

Landscape Design