Oakland Wildflower Farm

Welcome to growing season number 9!

While growing and selling native plants for 8 years has been extremely rewarding, we have made the decision to downsize the business.

What does this mean? Well.... it means that we are still growing and selling native plants but on a very limited basis. We ask that you call for availability and pricing.

We love this business and all the folks we have worked with to bring native Michigan plants back to the landscape. That was always our goal and still is.

We are still dedicated to education, so Ruth is still available for speaking engagements on a variety of subjects related to native plants.

Ruth is also available for design and consultation.

To continue educational awareness, our two Native Plant Coloring Books will remain available for free. Download each book in its entirety or individual pages as needed.... you choose. Get creative and enjoy!

The Culture Guide is still available to help you choose the right plant for your place. Please Note: The Culture Guide is not an availability list, but rather a reference tool. We intend to continue updating the Culture Guide as well as the Photo Gallery.

Purple ConeflowerOakland Wildflower Farm is a "Grower and Educator" of Michigan native plants. We are located in Brandon Township between Ortonville and Oxford in northern Oakland County. We grow a variety of native wildflower, grasses, sedges, ferns, shrubs, and trees. Each plant's seed originated in Michigan, mostly southern Michigan. We strive to collect seed from as close to our nursery as possible. All seed sources are documented and seeds are Michigan geno-type, unless otherwise noted.

Ruth Vrbensky, proprietor

520 N. Hurd Road
Ortonville, Michigan 48462

"I'm optimistic that the world of native plants will not only survive, but will thrive for environmental and economic reasons, and for reasons of the heart. Beauty in nature nourishes us and brings joy to the human spirit."

-- Lady Bird Johnson